Arabella Doreen Figg
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  • Mrs. Figg
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Kneazle breeder


Arabella Figg (more commonly known as Mrs. Figg) was a Kneazle breeder and a neighbor of the Dursleys. She lived on Wisteria Walk in Little Whinging, in a house that smelled of cabbage.[1] The Dursleys often sent Harry Potter to her house when they went out, and she forced Harry to look at pictures of all the cats she owned. It was later revealed that the only reason she gave Harry a miserable time is so the Dursleys would keep sending him there, so she could see how he was doing and tell Albus Dumbledore.[2]



Mrs. Figg was a normal Squib, who lived in a Muggle area. She was a neighbor of the Dursley family, and often babysat Harry Potter. She was known to own a lot of cats, most of which have died.


In 1995, Mrs. Figg met Harry and Dudley Dursley under a tunnel shortly after a Dementor's presence. She helped Harry carry Dudley home, and talked to him quietly. Dumbledore invited her to Harry's hearing, where she described the scene. She could be the only reason Harry was not expelled from Hogwarts.


She did not fight in the Battle of Hogwarts, due to her lack of magical power. She most likely served as an aid to injured fighters along with Argus Filch and Madam Pomfrey. After the Battle, we did not see much of her, meaning she probably still lived.


Harry PotterEdit

Arabella and Harry did not appear to like each other at first. However, it was later revealed that Arabella only gave Harry a "miserable time" so the Dursleys would keep sending him there. She wanted Harry to come over because she was Dumbledore's spy, and Dumbledore wanted to make sure Harry was okay. Harry began showing her more respect as they got to know each other better.[3]

Dursley familyEdit

Arabella and the Dursleys must have known each other, because the Dursleys trusted Arabella enough to watch Harry. The Dursleys also seemed quite embarrassed when Arabella saw odd things happening in their driveway.[3]


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